Make the Most of Backyards with Backyard Dream

Make the Most of Backyards with Backyard Dream

Backyards can sometimes be mistaken as a space that is reserved for the junk and scrap of the house. However, they can been revolutionized into the most comfortable are of the home where you and your family can find immense joy with your personal space. Make the most of backyards with creative builds and designing in order to turn your extra space into a premiere focal point of your home!

We have gone through and present to you how we have made the most of all the backyards we have worked on. Optimizing space, quality of work, and fun in spaces of all sizes!

1. The Custom Pool

pool contractor

We begin the list with one of the most extravagant backyards that we have built. Look at the crystalline beauty of the blue marble swimming pool. Adding the contrast of umbrella of natural shade provides a glimpse of paradise. What makes it looks like paradise, is the presence of the natural waterfall and the extended seating within the shallow end of the pool. An amazing backyard experience for all.

2. The Custom Patio

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How to deal with the striking winters in the backyards! A custom built fireplace to compliment your grill and seating. This keeps the patio warm and gives a place for all to sit and enjoy the warmth of good company. This can be built in any backyard and provides protection from all types of weather.

3. The Custom Outdoor Kitchen

custom pools

A backyard that makes you feel as if you were in a forest. With more sun protection, the bar itself pushes up against the pool to enjoy the water of the pool and to to keep an eye on everything that is going on. With the bar built underground it provides you a beautiful sanctuary no matter where you are.

4. The Custom Outdoor Entertainment

custom patio

We have built the greatest outdoor entertainment patios that the greater Sacramento area has ever seen. The complete patio allows you to entertain as many guests as you would prefer. Equipped with natural seating, patio furniture, and an outdoor fireplace there is no limit to how long you can enjoy the outdoors in your new custom backyard.

5. The Custom Outdoor Cooker

outdoor kitchen

What is there for the smaller backyards? We have built outdoor kitchens for all size backyards so you can enjoy every ounce of space that your backyard provides.

6. The Custom View Finder

make the most of backyards

Hills and Downtown views offer vast beauties and essence of nature. We have built an overlook to provide you and your guests the best views of your neighborhood and everything it has to offer.

7. The Custom Outdoor Fireplace


The simplicity favors the comfort with this backyard. Optimizing the most with the space provided, this backyard creates a world of comfort and simplicity for all to enjoy the space. Patio furniture and an outdoor fireplace create a new home for your backyard.

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It doesn’t matter how small your project is, Backyard Dream is a premiere builder in the greater Sacramento area. Serving Rocklin, Roseville, Granite Bay, Rancho Cordova, and Loomis, CA our team has created hundreds of amazing backyards for all.



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